Eyeliner Brush

- Jul 10, 2019-

Introduction to Eyeliner Brush:

Eyeliner Brush is usually used in cream or liquid eyeliner products, apply to the highlight around the eyeball, make the eyeball more convex, make the line drawn out by the eyeliner pen thick or stiff lines become soft and natural, let the eye look more full of charm.Eyeliner Brush is used for post-adjustment of makeup.

Eyeliner Brush come in several shapes.That kind of thin, flat brush (flat head and the bristle that has a little circular arc to be ok) it is the favorite of a lot of professional makeup artist, it can help you draw a won't be too fine also won't too the accurate eyeliner of group, more but dry wet dual-use, fluctuation eyeliner can be used.A thin, pointed brush is the best tool for drawing the tiniest detail. It will help you create a very thin and delicate upper eyeliner.And bevel eyeliner brush will be a bit thicker, most suitable for the effect of smoky makeup.

How to use Eyeliner Brush:

Wet: dip the brush and use the tip of the brush to draw an "X" on the kohl tray to apply the right amount of kohl.Gently apply the base of the eyelashes from inside to outside of the eye.

Dry: dip the tip of the brush into kohl and shake off excess powder.Gently apply the base of the eyelashes from inside to outside of the eye.

Because Eyeliner Brush use mostly cream products, they are harder to clean than eyeshadow or blush brushes.And if not even clean, eyeliner glue in the above caking, will affect the direction of the bristle and hair quality, it is recommended to clean after use.

Method is, detergent drops cotton, repeatedly brush the brush back and forth, until there is no color, only wash once, this is not clean, to rinse again with water, need to pay attention to, after cleaning, as long as clean paper towel pinch brush can dry water.