Eyeshadow Brush

- Jun 25, 2019-

eyeshadow brush

There are so many different eyeshadow brushes! Having a rounded head, a flat head, or a pointed head. Each type of eyeshadow brush does a different job. What kind of brush does it work with

1. Shadow Brush

As the name implies, it is a brush used to apply the first layer of eye shadow, which can be evenly applied over a large area. This kind of eye shadow brush, brush head will be done more round, hair density, to have a certain amount of powder. Large branches are used for a wide base.

2. Blending Brush

Before the first, after 2 layers are brushed, can have apparent boundary feeling sometimes, look on the vision can be very unnatural, can pick up at this time "clean" dizzy catch brush, give line wipe paste, make the feeling of a gradual layer. This type of brush, usually with a rounded head, is much softer and less dense than the previous base brush. It is recommended that after each use, you can wipe off the excess powder on the toilet paper, so that the next time you smudge other eye makeup, it will not lead to dirty eye makeup.

3. Smudging Brush

Another kind of dizzy dye brush, will make round head slant flat appearance, the amount of hair will also be very dense. A dizzy brush belongs to a wide range of dizzy, if there is not a full dizzy, you can send flat head of the dizzy brush, flat head can do further dizzy effect! This brush can also be used to remove smudge from the lower lash line if you are wearing smoky makeup.

4. Line Brush

There are two kinds on the market, one is flat cut, the other is beveled. Both can be used as eyeliner brushes, or eyebrow brushes, depending on your habits.

5. Comb Brush

Most eyebrow products come with a brush at this end, which is used to create a more natural look. There are also those who brush their lashes with an urgent brush before applying mascara.