Face Brush

- Jul 10, 2019-

According to the bristle texture: divided into natural animal bristles, artificial fiber bristles.Not that animal hair is necessarily better than fibrous hair, but it depends on the use of your brush. For example, Face Brush are better for fibrous hair, and many eyeshadow brushes are better for animal hair.There are many kinds of animal hair, common wool, pony hair, gray mouse hair, yellow Wolf tail hair.

By the use of brush: facial brush: mainly including powder brush, Face Brush, blush brush, brush and so on.Eye lip brush: basically include eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, nose shadow brush, lip brush to wait, eye shadow brush has a lot of kinds again, because draw eye shadow, want to divide a lot of levels, still can divide spread color brush, detail smudge brush, smudge brush etc.

Face Brush on makeup foundation will be more break, block defect effect will be better, don't try very hard to draw circles, this powder is not easy to apply evenly, is to make the skin becomes uniform, the fluid foundation bottom makeup on if this would make bottom makeup become mottled, whole makeup steps inside bottom makeup is the most important Face Brush on foundation must be slowly away, pushed along the skin texture, so that the bottom makeup is exquisite and not mottled, subsequent makeup will be more convenient and detailed.

Finally, about the maintenance and cleaning of the brush, the general Face Brush use 2 to 3 times should be cleaned, the rest of the brush depends on the situation, if the continuous use of the same color for many times, there is no need to wash too diligent.When cleaning, first hit the shampoo in the palm of the hand, wet the bristles in the palm of the hand to draw a circle of way to clean, after rinsing clean.Fiber wool has the circumstance of fry wool rarely, after washing, use paper towel or towel to suck moisture first, place proper shape to air naturally good.Animal hair, be sure to use a brush cover will cover the brush well, from the brush butt cover, no brush cover with paper towels will brush head part tightly wrapped, placed in the ventilation.

Generally speaking, it is quite important to have a set of satisfactory Face Brush to make up well.