Fan Brush

- Jul 08, 2019-

Makeup brush is an essential tool in our makeup. Bad use of makeup brush can also affect the effect of our makeup.

Because Fan Brush, shaped like a large fan which paint it's more like a small fan, brush hair is not a lot, but it is also for this reason, its purpose is to have the facial makeup of the excess powder gently wipe out, at the time of cleaning it, can not directly with the hand to touch to clean, need detergent or first discharge makeup water pour into the palm, after the cosmetic brush wet with water, brush in hand along the two sides brush friction alternately, remove redundant powder on the brush, then rinse clean with water.

Fan Brush after cleaning can not be placed in the sun, or it will damage the service life of the brush, it can be wiped clean with a dry towel or paper towel, and then dry, need to be placed in a cool place.

Fan Brush: used to sweep away the excess powder on the face, it is the biggest one in the makeup brush.But this Fan Brush isn't very big, it's smaller.

The Fan Brush can actually be used as a shadow brush because it fits into the contour of our jawbone.Place the edge of the brush on the jawbone and brush it upside down toward the center of the face, not over the head, of course, but with a suction motion, and the area that goes down is where we're going to shade it.Shadow from deep to shallow, not too deep.So with fan brush sweep shadow general need to practice, better technology will choose, because this is faster and more convenient, general beginners with a smaller brush.

Fan Brush can also be used for blush, according to the need of the area of blush, you can choose large or small fan.Big fan is brushed also can become honey whitewash, small fan is brushed also can become T area dozen bright with, perhaps repair capacity is used, the utility of fan is brushed is more comprehensive, basically see your requirement.

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