Fan Cosmetic Brush

- Jul 03, 2019-

Fan Cosmetic Brush often with highlights, or paint.

Fan Cosmetic Brush grasp powder force is not strong, shape is particularly flat, on the narrow and long area of the highlight is particularly appropriate, such as at the moment to apple muscle between the highlight, brush with more than a few times, not only on the powder position is accurate and not too heavy hand.

Fan Cosmetic Brush is usually used to remove more powder in the last part of the makeup. can also cover the lower part of the eyelids when applying shadow to prevent the shadow from falling on the face and affecting the makeup.

Fan Cosmetic Brush: keep your look clean and shiny

A lot of people think it is dispensable role, in fact, the perfect and clean makeup depends on it.It can sweep away the redundant eyebrow when the redundant honey pink, eye shadow, fix eyebrow, let both hands and cotton stick no longer contact makeup look, let makeup look keep clean and bright below the premise that does not destroy!

The Fan Cosmetic Brush of this brush hair is rich, the brush head is fan-shaped, equipped with thickened aluminum tube and overpressure tube treatment, so that the bristles will not easily run out, make the brush more solid, the brush handle is a long rod style, and conducted baking paint, can make the wooden handle in the brush cleaning time is not easy to be contaminated with water, protect the service life of the brush.

Everyone in the use of makeup brushes, cleaning and maintenance procedures are essential.You can refer to the following maintenance methods:

1. After using the brush, dip it in some honey powder and rub off the brush color with the honey powder.

2, when cleaning the brush, should choose a professional brush cleaner, so that not only can the brush disinfection, but also can form a protective film on the brush head.

3, brush can not always clean, especially animal hair brush, to use less water to clean.

Now the girl that loves beauty is very much, the girl that make up is very much also, some girls are busy making up often forget to brush cleanness to make up, that everybody has thought to make up to maintain once, so make up brush how to maintain good it, see see below.
Knowledge of makeup brush maintenance:
1. Avoid storing in high temperature.
2. Avoid contact with solvent products such as oil nail remover.
3. Dry in a cool place after cleaning with professional cleaner.

4. can use a good shampoo product to dry in a cool place after cleaning.