Fashion New Style Large Cotton Powder Puff

- Aug 19, 2019-

Fashion new style Large Cotton Powder Puff

Air cushion powder puff can be used for isolation, foundation, BB cream and CC cream and other geological products, because its thickness is relatively thin, so it is more suitable for moist texture, general blush cream can also be completed with air cushion powder puff. Air cushion powder puff can also be used to apply concealer, bite lip makeup and so on.

Apply isolation cream on air cushion powder puff

The first step: segregation frost USES air cushion powder puff to go up makeup to be able to accept a post more even, extrude right amount of segregation milk on the back of the hand first. Isolation is a very important step in the bottom makeup, which can help us isolate the makeup and adjust the skin condition, so we need to apply it to every corner.

Step 2: use your fingers to spread the isolation cream to a smaller area than air cushion BB. Be careful not to apply a big lump of isolation powder puff on your face, which is difficult to apply evenly.

Step 3: press with the air cushion powder puff to make the isolation cream evenly adhere to the surface of the air cushion powder puff. This method is actually to imitate the use of powder puff in air cushion BB.

Step 4: gently pat the entire face with the isolated powder puff, if not enough, follow the above steps to add a little more, and then repeat the pat can, do not rub back and forth, the main point is to pat, so it will be more skin.