Fashion Style Acrylic Nail File

- Sep 02, 2019-

Fashion style acrylic nail file

Nano glass nail files use nano polishing technology, also known as plasma polishing, the surface of the nail will be slightly uneven, so the light will be random reflection, it does not look bright; We need to gently remove the tiny material on the surface of the nail that is not visible to the naked eye. Polish the surface of your nails until they are as smooth as a mirror, and the light will bounce straight back. The light reflected off the front side looks as bright as glass. Nano glass filed products are laser environmental protection technology, CNC fine carving and grinding edge, can be customized logo laser; Each product has been through strict quality inspection, without collapse edge, without hemp point can be factory; The product code point is smooth and sharp, the polishing speed is fast, the brightness is high, the polishing effect is lasting; Rounded edges, rough size, code points neatly arranged, shiny surface, polished surface perfect; Material is imported from Japan, with high hardness, wear resistance and long service life. Alloy coating, high hardness, glass surface brightness, laser high precision processing, health and environmental protection. After grinding nails with nano glass file, simply flush with water, which can be disinfected, easy to clean and more sanitary.