Fashion Style Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush

- Aug 13, 2019-

Fashion style Deep pore cleansing facial brush

Product name: 3D silica gel

Material: artificial fiber + advanced plastic

Colour: white, pink

Applicable people: all skin types

Main efficacy: can deeply clean the skin, do not hurt the skin, whitening the skin

[features] : deep pore cleaning, remove skin dirt. Effectively improve facial blood circulation, restore healthy skin.

Soft bristles: soft and delicate bristles can deeply clean pores and dirt. Easy to dry, not easy to breed bacteria. Use high quality fiber silk wool, soft thick not easy to collapse, not easy to fall off, gentle deep clean pores.

[fine silica gel] : massage the skin, exfoliate, soft and not harmful to the skin.

[smooth handle] : comfortable to hold, easy to switch brush, clean/massage without mistake. Comfortable to touch. The brush handle is ergonomically designed and fits the palm. Washing and holding is more convenient and comfortable.

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deep pore cleansing facial brush01.jpg

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