Flat Brush

- Jul 08, 2019-

Everybody may not know a lot of professional make up the division is to use Flat Brush to brush powdery bottom, but powdery bottom is brushed how to use without brush mark is a lot of common people want to know, after all powdery bottom is brushed really than powdery puff after the face more transparent.

Flat Brush is the most professional that colour makeup bound appoints and can brush the small tool that gives perfect bottom makeup most, the powdery bottom that its brush gives is more even than powdery puff lighter more transparent also, so a lot of professional colour makeup division and amount to people to be brushed more inclined to use powdery bottom to go up at ordinary times bottom makeup.

Tips for use of Flat Brush

1. The direction of the foundation brush is from the inside out, from the bottom up.You can't brush back and forth.You must keep the brush in one direction.

2. Apply a small amount of brush in the t-zone, which is prone to oil production, to prevent too obvious make-up removal.

3. Make sure to use a honey or powder base after brushing to keep the base makeup longer.

4. Powder brush must be cleaned regularly, according to the frequency of their use, about 3~7 days to clean!

Flat Brush product advantages

1) don't get your hands dirty: this is the main reason some people switch to Flat Brush.No matter use finger or powdery puff, powdery bottom liquid unavoidably is infected with go up in finger, and Flat Brush do not have such trouble.

2) provincial foundation: it does not absorb the foundation itself. When it is brushed to the outer edge of the face, the rest of the foundation is just able to cover the skin thinly. The effect of powder makeup is from thick to thin, and the transition is gentle.For a more frugal foundation, spray the brush with water (moist but not dripping) before dipping, so that the brush absorbs less of the foundation.

3) makeup effect is good: once the foundation liquid brush is used with ease, its makeup effect is almost nothing to be picky about: thin through, even, skin with a watery luster.