Flat Eyeliner Brush

- Jun 24, 2019-

flat eyeliner brush

A cosmetic tool for applying lipstick. It can make the lip line clear and even. Lip brush choice should hold hard in wool qualitative rail concurrently, wool amount moderate had better. Wool pledges too soft lip brushs when besmear lipstick to master weight hard, blurring and uncertain lip line is of course whole makeup look in the defeat of spoil the scenery. The proposal of professional beautician cannot ignore easily, labial brush can adjust labial local shade flexibly, trace gives delicate labial horn brim line. In fact, whether it is a "Hollywood mouth" or a classical beauty's cherry mouth, the lips have their own shade. Want to highlight stereo feeling, lip brush is indispensable. No matter be lipstick or labial honey, want colour and lustre to adhere equably on the lip, must brush with labial coloring, besmear. Accurately outline lips, make lips full and even color, more lasting.