Flat Makeup Sponge

- Jul 08, 2019-

Flat makeup sponge

Silica gel powder puff material is TPU thin mold with high transparent powder puff silica gel, powder puff silica gel is a high transparent, non-toxic harmless, can withstand high and low temperature, good flow of silica gel raw materials! Due to the large number of raw material manufacturers, the customer found a problem when choosing raw materials for sample comparison. Some powder puff silica gel materials are highly transparent, but the products made are a little bit yellow!

Silica gel powder of yellow reason is no influence for the product, nor silicone quality problem, only manufacturers in order to solve the poisoning (this phenomenon is refers to the silica gel with TPU membrane was reflected, serious word will lead to silicone baking directly are not ripe, not curing phenomenon), added platinum catalyst in silica powder, would cause the silica gel is a little yellow!

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