Flawless Concealer Brush

- Jun 24, 2019-

flawless concealer brush

Each brush wool material has been disinfection, sterilization, skin allergy testing and other 20 processes. And spend a lot of energy on washable and anti-shedding. 

High quality solid wooden handle, plus delicate baking paint, not easy to drop paint, durable! Every brush is made by a craftsman, and the most rigorous production process only brings you the most enjoyable experience.

 The side of the urgent brush is the urgent comb made of high-quality materials without hurting the skin, which is easy to use and comfortable when combing eyebrows and eyelashes. When giving eyebrow makeup, can brush with urgent slowly comb eyebrow to make its makeup natural. 

Urgent comb can assist clip eyebrow length to be able to easily clip redundant miscellaneous hair, in eyelash besmear eyelash creams and eyelash is not dry when can use urgent comb to comb eyelash, make eyelash root root clear, beautiful and moving.