Foam Makeup Sponge

- Jul 01, 2019-

Foam makeup sponge

1. No matter on the foundation or set makeup, the efficacy of powder puff can not be underestimated, it is recommended to prepare one or two powder puff at ordinary times, easy to change at any time.

2. Dip in with powdery puff when taking powder, need to dip in only on powdery puff the 1/2 of size is enough, must not whole powdery puff dips in full powder completely, can cause unnecessary waste otherwise, and cannot fine point to puff nose wing, eye week wait for fine local.

3. Nose wing oil secretion is particularly vigorous, not suitable for too thick makeup, or easy to cause makeup, it is recommended to use powder puff on the rest of the powder from the top down gently wipe it, or press the nose wing after folding the powder puff, can also play a role in fixing makeup, whitewash black heads and red phenomenon.

4. If want to cover up an ably the eyelid of uneven of dark rim of an eye, color of skin or apparent pouch, had better choose trigonometric powdery puff one horn to press puff gently fluctuation eyelid, the effect is very good.

5. When fixing makeup, brush over facial outline line gently with powdery puff, can flick not only overmuch surplus pink, still conduce to let facial and neck finish natural transition, avoid to cause awkwardness because of partial chromatic aberration apparent.

6. Wash your powder puff at least once a week. Because the powder puff is easy to absorb the oil on the skin surface, and the powder puff that absorbs the oil will react with the air, which will lead to the difficulty of dipping in the powder, and even cause bacteria and reduce the resistance of the skin itself.

7. Sponge cleaning before the best inspection screening, texture must be close to clean, or washed after easy to be bad. And the number of sponge cleaning can not be too much, is really dirty old sponge, internal filth and dirt can not be completely cleaned up, elasticity has been tired can not continue to use, as the tide of the old and new.

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