Foundation Brush

- Jul 10, 2019-

The type that Foundation Brush can be divided roughly for 4 kinds: flat head, flat head, round head, inclined head, still have the inclined that differentiates additionally flat head, inclined round head, irregular brush a head to wait.Flat head is brushed to the word of novice is the most appropriate brush of a powdery bottom, brush powdery bottom when use, the powdery bottom that hits comes out can compare bright, won't have massiness case to happen quite.

Advantages of Foundation Brush:

1) don't get your hands dirty: this is the main reason some people switch to foundation brushes.No matter use finger or powdery puff, powdery bottom liquid unavoidably is infected with go up in finger, and brush with powdery bottom do not have such trouble.

2) provincial foundation: it does not absorb the foundation itself. When it is brushed to the outer edge of the face, the rest of the foundation is just able to cover the skin thinly. The effect of powder makeup is from thick to thin, and the transition is gentle.For a more frugal foundation, spray the brush with water (moist but not dripping) before dipping, so that the brush absorbs less of the foundation.

4) makeup effect is good: once the Foundation Brush is used with ease, its makeup effect can hardly be picky: thin through, even, skin with a watery luster.

Foundation Brush will do with man-made fiber wool commonly, because powdery bottom is moisture and grease for the most part, ask to make up so brush be able to bear moisture and grease, still can stand up to clean, and of man-made wool meeting more stand up to use.

1) what are the differences and usage of different types of Foundation Brush?

Flat head: the bristles are compact and can brush the face to the difficult position;But for the novice grip and Angle is not good, bad brush may have obvious brush marks.Match it with a thin foundation, such as liquid foundation and gouache cream.

Flat head: relatively dense brush, large contact area, easy to cover pores, no brush marks, suitable for novice.Suitable collocation texture slants thick foundation, such as foundation cream, BB.

Round head: large area, fast speed, strong covering power and persistence;But for starters, caution can easily lead to heavy makeup.Suit tie-in quality of a material slants thick powdery bottom, for instance powdery bottom frost, powdery bottom creams, BB.