Foundation Brush And Contour Brush

- Apr 26, 2019-

Make-up base on the base will be better, concealer effect will also be better, do not work hard to draw circles, so the foundation is not easy to paint evenly, the powder base is to make the skin tone uniform. If this kind of bottom makeup will make the bottom makeup become mottled, the bottom makeup is the most important in the whole makeup step. It must be pushed away slowly with the powder base brush on the powder base, and push away along the texture of the skin, so that the base makeup can be fine and not mottled.

 Follow-up makeup will also be more convenient and detailed. Of course, if you choose to put on base makeup on sponge eggs, you must choose better sponge eggs, because poor quality sponge eggs all eat powder very seriously, on the contrary, they are even more wasteful. Before putting on makeup, you must first wet the makeup eggs and absorb enough water. Dry the water before it is used, so that the powder will not be so serious. 


Eye shadow brushes are generally divided into large and medium sizes, and large ones are mainly used to hit the bottom, generally choose flat brushes, medium ones are used for main colors, and flat brushes can also be chosen, but they are slightly smaller than those at the bottom, and secondary accounts are used to deal with details. Some girls will also start a halo brush, after painting the eye shadow with the brush dizzy open can make eye makeup more natural, make-up effect is better! The girl who pursues the detail also can start the detail dizziness brush, in the color level is more complex, the detail dizzy dye brush can take good care of the detail, makes the eye makeup more exquisite good-looking.

Cheek and cheekbone repair, I recommend also oblique head shadow brush. The bottom shape of this kind of bevel trimming brush is very close to such a shape, does not require deliberate control, also does not need very high-depth skill, can repair very natural shadow range, this kind of shape repair brush is very easy to locate the position to hit the shadow. In the upper repair must be a small number of times, and dizzy clean, otherwise it will make makeup very dirty, but also according to their own face shape to choose the appropriate repair methods, each face repair focus can be different oh.