Gel Makeup Sponge

- Jul 01, 2019-

Gel makeup sponge

One, what is silica gel powder puff?

Silica gel powder puff, as its name is made of silica gel powder puff, transparent appearance is very similar to the traditional powder puff.

Besides appearance likeness besides, usage also does not have what difference, dip in after taking right amount pink bottom fluid, press gently on the face can. Simply put, it is a sponge powder puff with different materials.

Two, silica gel powder puff VS hands

The MM that likes to use two hands to besmear pink bottom liquid is probably either covet convenient or disrelish pink puff to use uncomfortable.

Small silica gel powder puff imitates the touch of a human hand, flapping on the face as if touched by hands; While it's easy to get uneven foundation applied by hand, this silicone powder puff is not only uniform, but also light and thin. Silica gel powder puff wins!

Three, silica gel powder puff VS sponge powder puff

Sponge powder puff with the advantages of simple and easy to use, deep makeup novice people love. In fact, it has advantages, silica gel powder puff also has the same.

In addition, because of its smooth surface, silica gel powder puff is not easy to eat and easy to breed bacteria like sponge powder puff, which can save foundation and keep skin healthy. Silica gel powder puff wins again!

Four, silica gel powder puff VS powder base brush

The foundation brush has the function of quick makeup, apply the right amount of foundation liquid to the face, and then brush it with a brush, and the makeup will appear immediately. However, in fact, the speed of silica gel powder puff on the makeup is not bad, just because of the small size needs a lot of practice, skilled after gently tapping foundation liquid makeup is as thin and good-looking.

Additional, powdery bottom brush needs to use professional cleaner cleanness every week, and silica gel powdery puff is after every use, discharge makeup wet towel is wiped can, convenient and matchless. Silica gel powder puff win!

Five, silica gel powder puff other USES

Other makeup tools may only be used for makeup purposes, but silicone powder puff is not. Usually, our skin care lotion, face cream and even cosmetics concealer can be applied with silica gel powder puff. The smooth surface does not absorb water or eat powder, leaving cosmetics and skin care products to the face without reservation, so that the skin can reach the ideal state.

After a comparison, what silica gel powder puff is how good, compared to everyone knows it. Even so, the best products are the ones that really fit you, so you have to keep trying if you want to find the right one. Hope the MM that loves to make up comes to try this silica gel powder puff, know clearly whether it is suitable oneself is the best.

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