Grooming Brush

- Jul 08, 2019-

Make up of younger sister, most cannot leave of probably be powder bottom, although say now have a lot of beauty makeup blogger all is to use beauty makeup egg top bottom makeup, but in fact for novice small white, use beauty makeup egg may not be able to will powder bottom liquid even daub come, so say Grooming Brush still need to get hold of a few.It is a few because sometimes your pink bottom liquid color number is different, use same branch to be able to mix pink bottom liquid together, tonal meeting changes, if you wash on time of course, brush a child, so it is ok.Bottom makeup is a foundation of makeup, which must be solid foundation!

Grooming Brush has many shapes, oblique head of peace, and the toothbrush in the shape of a foundation brush, the Grooming Brush, it looks flat, but in the middle of the brush head, there is a concave down hole, this unique shape, let the brush in the use of foundation is more convenient, only need to put the foundation droplets in the middle of the brush head, then sweep foundation evenly on face, perfect bottom makeup done easily.

Made of high-grade artificial fiber, suitable for any texture foundation.Skin feels soft without irritation.Brush features: bristles are compact, the sweep end is flat and smooth, and it can touch the difficult position.Can cooperate with any material foundation, provide comprehensive and professional uniform makeup effect, and help foundation even and smooth.

With the naked makeup boom, many girls are paying more and more attention to bottom makeup.Want to make frivolous not the makeup feeling of false face, the key is powdery bottom, cooperate powdery bottom next go up makeup gimmick.

Want to create perfect, flawless makeup, Grooming Brush is the choice of no hesitation.Brush foundation makeup will make makeup feel more misty, because the brush itself will not absorb a lot of liquid foundation liquid, foundation liquid coverage area will be larger, easier to create zero blemish makeup.