Heart Shape Facial Cleansing Brush For Dry Skin

- Aug 13, 2019-

Heart shape Facial cleansing brush for dry skin

Use cleanser method correctly

Warm remind: the clean face instrument that buys newly brushes a head (wash a face to brush a head) must disinfect with boiled water reuse.

First, wet the face, wet the face brush head, and then the face wash milk are allowed to daub on the face;

Next, squeeze a small amount of cleanser on your face brush head, turn on the switch, and place the brush head in gentle circles around your face (first forehead, chin, then nose, cheeks). Finally clean with clean water, convenient and simple.

In addition, clean the brush head in the flowing water, gently squeeze out the water in the brush head with your thumb, cover the 2-hole brush head protection cover, and place the water in the brush head upside down to drain and then stand in a cool and ventilated place.