How About Alayna Facial Cleansing Brush

- Aug 13, 2019-

How about Alayna facial cleansing brush

Silica gel face brush is made of food grade silica gel material, non-toxic, tasteless, effective prevention of bacteria; Various styles and shapes, including finger, heart-shaped, oval design, ultra-fine soft hair massage, easy to erase blackheads, more thorough cleaning.

Properties of silica gel face brush:

1, with high temperature resistance, is a high quality heat resistant silicone rubber, can withstand 60~230°C.

2, no permeability, can more effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

3, stable chemical performance, not easy to wear deformation.

4, by rubbing the face, can effectively improve facial blood circulation, promote the regeneration of cells.

Use of silica gel face brush:

Silica gel face brush, also known as baby bath brush, children's hair wash brush, facial brush, is usually used for baby wash or adult wash, widely used in daily life.

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