How About Deep Cleansing Facial Brush?

- Jul 17, 2019-

How about Deep cleansing facial brush?

1. Benefits of cleansing brush

1)Even and controllable rotation speed

Electric cleansing products due to the uniform rotation speed can be controlled, can avoid manual cleaning due to each time the cleaning force can not guarantee the same as the over-cleaning or cleaning is not in place. Many face cleaners come with different speeds to ensure that all skin types are in place.

2)Can penetrate into pores and clean them

The bristles of electric clean face product choose fiber material mostly, tenacity is taller, its diameter should be less than the size of average pore, because this can go deep clean the dirt grease inside pore, won't hurt the skin at the same time also. This is difficult to achieve in ordinary cleansing methods, but pores are delicate, without any skin problems, there is no need to use cleansing machine.

3)can be effectively targeted at the oil output T zone

The handle of the cleansing brush is matched with the brush head for a more effective way of targeting the oil T zone without worrying about hand cleansing and focusing on delicate cheek areas. To the corner place such as nose alar chin, clean face instrument also can very good cleanness arrive, avoid to wash thereby not clean and make color of skin uneven.

2. Disadvantages of cleansing brush:

After cleaning the face with an electric cleanser, if the brush head does not stay dry, it is prone to bacteria due to its structural characteristics

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