How Often Do You Wash The Makeup Brush?

- Aug 21, 2020-

How often do you want to wash a make-up brush? Many women's daily life utensils. The makeup brushes we use can be generally divided into two kinds of materials: one is made of animal hair, the other is artificial makeup brush. The hair is mainly fiber hair and nylon hair. Although both of them are cosmetic brushes, their cleaning methods and cleaning intervals will be different. Artificial bristles are generally cleaned more frequently than animal bristles.

Animal bristles

Yellow wolf tail hair: the hardness and elasticity of this wool are the most suitable for the most eye shadow brush, which is better than horse hair.

Goat hair: the most commonly used brush hair is soft and durable. Among them, white tip wool and zhongguangfeng wool are the best among wool brushes;

Horse hair: its texture is stronger than that of goats and is used as an eye shadow brush.

Squirrel hair: cheaper than mink, softer

Artificial bristles

Artificial fiber: harder than the above animal hair, suitable for thick paste color makeup

Nylon: the hardest texture, mostly used as eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

The cleaning time of animal bristles is usually once a week, because animal bristles are different from manual bristles, which are cheaper and more washable.

Manual brushing can be done three times a week, once a day if possible.

How often to wash a cosmetic brush? That's all. No matter it's washed once a week or once a day, the most important thing is to wash it. After use, the hair of the make-up brush will stick to the cosmetics and come into contact with the oil on the skin. These problems may be the source of bacteria, so it is better to wash regularly for the sake of skin health.