How To Choose A Makeup Brush

- Oct 26, 2019-

Brush material

The material of the bristles is generally divided into artificial hair and animal hair. Animal hair has a good ability to grasp powder because it has hair scales. It can be used to grab dry powder products such as eye shadow, blush, loose powder and so on. When using wet products such as liquid foundation, lip gloss, blush cream, and concealer, it is best to use artificial hair to give full play to the moisturizing properties of these products.

Soft and hard bristles

The bristles are not as soft as possible, and the stronger the ability to grasp the powder, the better. Because different cosmetics have different needs, it is necessary to purchase makeup brushes according to the corresponding needs. For example, the eyebrow brush needs to be harder, while the blush brush needs to be weaker. Coupled with the novice's ability to control the brush is not strong, the brush with strong grip is easy to make the makeup too heavy.

Try to choose a suit

There are a wide variety of makeup brushes, all kinds of brush-type hair, it is very difficult for novices to choose, so novices may wish to start with a set of brushes, the set of brushes are the brand and the store is pre-selected for everyone, usually a set Can meet the basic needs.

Makeup brushes will be the most important tool in your makeup process, and it's not that easy to find the perfect makeup brush that's right for you. Many girls choose to buy a make-up brush set that has been set up by the make-up brand at the beginning, which is a good way to get started quickly. But you can create a set of makeup brushes to tailor your needs to meet your individual needs. This menu-by-choice method can help you really understand how and why this brush is better for you than another brush.

In general, the most important factor to consider when choosing a makeup brush is the material of the brush and the advantages and disadvantages of these materials. The hair quality of the brush, the craft, and the LOGO on the brush are reflected in its price, so you must be extra cautious when spending this money. An expensive brush may not be necessary at first glance, but you should be aware that a set of makeup brush tools will be a lifetime investment. As long as the care is right, a set of brushes can even be used for a lifetime.

Natural vs. artificial

Traditionally, natural hair makeup brushes are more suitable for dry products such as blush and eye shadow. Different types of hair (including mane, horsetail, goat wool, black mane, and squirrel hair) also have their respective roles. For example, black mane is a kind of hair that is suitable for both wet and dry products, while mane is the best choice for color and color control.

In our opinion, artificial makeup brushes are more suitable for creamy or liquid products, such as concealers or foundations, because they are less likely to absorb the product itself than natural hair. But things have changed a bit now. Over the past decade, advances in craftsmanship and technology have made artificial makeup brushes a natural replacement for almost all your needs. Many cosmetic artists prefer to choose artificial makeup brushes instead of natural makeup brushes because of factors such as protecting animals.

In terms of performance, don't worry too much about whether your brush is natural or artificial – as long as it achieves the effect you want. No matter what material the makeup brush should have the following points: the bristles should not be too hard or firm, and be flexible enough to let you outline the face and eyes; hard and dense bristles will precipitate more than soft loose bristles More colors. So when you choose a makeup brush, please remember that you will need a variety of hairy makeup brushes.

Makeup brush shape and size

When it comes to makeup brushes, size is very important – in other words, you need a small brush, a big brush and all the middle brushes you need for makeup. When making a decision, think about the size of the face in each area of your face. For example, you don't want to use the makeup brush of the eye concealer to apply foundation to the entire face.

Also, when considering the versatility of the makeup brush, tap the brush for more use, not to be limited by its name. Don't put the brush on the brush, the label of the concealer brush or the lip brush, but consider the size, they can be divided into a large brush head, a medium brush head, and a small brush head, so that you can freely create what you want in the actual operation. The size you want. Many brands will give a cosmetic brush a special purpose, such as: foundation, loose powder, concealer and so on. But if you ignore the label and then explore the infinite possibilities of the brush yourself, you can make every tool achieve any effect you need in the makeup.

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