How To Choose A Makeup Brush Set That Suits You?

- Nov 30, 2019-

I have never used my hands to apply makeup since I used a makeup brush.

Compared with the hand, the makeup brush is more capable of processing details and can make the makeup more refined.

I believe that many friends who are just starting to use or are planning to use makeup brushes, the most commonly said is: "No use, no choice, hand damage ..." and so on. For novices, let alone use, how to choose a makeup brush alone is already a headache. In this article today, I would like to share with you some personal experiences about choosing makeup brushes.

Brush set or single

How to choose a makeup brush set that suits you?

I stand brush.

There are many types of makeup brushes, various brush types and various hair qualities. If a novice understands the functions and features and chooses a set of brushes for his own use, it will take too much time and energy. Especially for many "choice patients", they are likely to be tortured to give up before they have started using it.

So novices may wish to start with a set of brushes. The sets of brushes are selected by brands and stores in advance for everyone, usually one set can meet the basic needs. Novices can learn from these sets of brushes what are the common basic makeup brushes, and can also feel which brushes are probably required to complete a makeup during the use. After trying two or three sets of brushes, you can choose and combine a single brush according to your preferences.

Natural animal hair or artificial fiber hair

The quality of the bristles is the key to determining the quality of a cosmetic brush. In theory, animal hair is better than fiber hair.

But the makeup refreshing hand, budget is insufficient / do not know how to use / do not understand the maintenance of these characteristics at least share the same. In this case, it is not good to rashly choose animal hair brushes, causing their own financial burden or the use of brushes due to improper maintenance.

In addition, if the cosmetics are creamy or liquid, such as liquid foundation, repairing cream, etc., the brushes need to be cleaned after each use to not affect the next use. This frequent cleaning can also cause damage to animal hair brushes.

Therefore, in terms of the choice and use of makeup brushes, I don't think there is any kind of better hair quality. Instead, it should be considered based on the user ’s budget and specific usage.

The denser the bristles, the better the powder grip

No, this also needs to be analyzed by looking at actual usage.

For example, when brushing blush, a brush with relatively fluffy and sparse bristles and a less strong powder grip will be more suitable for novices. Because novices are not good at controlling brushes, applying blush with a strong powder brush may suddenly brush into monkey ass. In addition, the characteristics of the cosmetics themselves must be considered. For example, in general, European and American eyeshadows have better color rendering than Japanese eyeshadows. In terms of matching with eyeshadow brushes, those with strong grasping power can match the latter, and those with weak grasping power can match the former, which is convenient for adjusting the final effect of the eyeshadow.

For another example, the combination of loose powder brush and fixed makeup powder: loose loose powder and cake-shaped loose powder, the former will take less powder with a brush with weaker grasping power, and less loose powder when shaking the brush; The latter powder is relatively compact, so you need to use a brush with a stronger grasping force to get the powder, otherwise it will collapse if you can't apply the powder all the time.