How To Clean The Makeup Brush? What To Use?

- Aug 02, 2020-

How to clean the makeup brush?

1. Wet the brush head with cold water and tap first, which can slow down the adhesion of cosmetics on the brush. Pay attention not to let the water get on the handle to prevent the water from entering into the inner part of the handle through the gap.

2. Use the brush head to brush soap, and then circle on the palm of your hand. Don't use too much force. It's better not to scrub directly with your hands.

3. Finally, clean the foam. After washing, squeeze out the water in the brush by hand as much as possible, and then shake it gently. Dry the handle with a towel.

4. Put the cosmetic brush into the protective cover of the cosmetic brush from the handle end, fix it at the position of the brush head, and place the brush head downward to dry.

Xiaobian suggested that the make-up brush can be washed every day. If there is no time, it is best to wash 1-3 times in 1 weeks. The best eye shadow brush and eyeliner brush is not frequently used once a week or so, and the frequency is high. It is recommended to increase the number of times. Other brushes, such as blush brush, loose powder brush and large oblique brush, are usually used for shadow once a week. It should not be a problem.

Make up brush storage

What does the make-up brush use for cleaning?

We can use facial cleanser, make-up remover, powder puff cleaner, salt water cleaning, makeup remover cleaning, etc.

1. Detergent: I think detergent is the strongest and cleanest. The only thing to notice is not to add too much. I added too many times, some of the more intensive, such as Shiseido 131 or toothbrush shaped foundation brush, there will be more detergent residues on the above it is difficult to clean.

② Alcohol: it's also easy to wash. It's faster to dry than detergent, but for me, it's more convenient to get detergent.

③ Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo & Shower Gel: if there is not much cream left in the fiber brush / the use time is short, this one is more convenient to wash.

How to clean the make-up brush? What to use? I believe we all understand it. In addition to the cleaning of the cosmetic brush, the storage of the cosmetic brush is also very important. The best way to store the cosmetic brush is to buy a brush bag, which can also be placed flat in a small drawer or sealed box and stored in a cool and dry place.