How To Distinguish The Make-up Brush

- May 10, 2020-

Make up brush how to distinguish, make-up brush variety, easy to identify mistakes, make-up brush hair is divided into natural hair and artificial hair two kinds. But there are differences between the shape of the handle and the shape of the bristles when making up the brush. The first is for better recognition, and the second is for convenient use in different places. How to distinguish the brush and the corresponding function.

Set of 8 makeup brushes

Large, thick handle:

1. Biggest: Powder Brush

2, the second largest: Blush Brush

3, brush a bit flat: foundation brush.

4. The smallest of the big numbers: Contour Brush

12 brush sets


1, the biggest: big blemish brush.

2, small: small concealer brush.

11 brush sets


1. Big eye shadow brush.

2. Medium eye shadow brush.

3, small eye shadow brush.

4. Sponge eye shadow

3 brush sets

Rod skew:

1. Hard bristles: eyebrow brush

2, brush soft and large: oblique defect concealer brush.

3, brush soft, small: oblique eye shadow brush.

6 brush sets


1, like needle tip, and harder: Eyeliner Brush.

2. Very small, round, soft: Lip Brush

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