How To Maintain Cosmetics

- Jun 25, 2020-

The beauties who often make up, there are all kinds of cosmetics on the dresser, they have to contact with our little face egg every day. It is equally important to maintain these cosmetics and the little face egg. How to maintain these cosmetics? Today, I have compiled and sorted out the maintenance guide of various cosmetics, and I want to share it with you. Come and have a look.

1, mascara for more than six months.

We use mascara every day, it has a certain period of use, it will take six months to do enough, more than six months should be eliminated. Mascara is composed of oil, which is easy to harden and deteriorate. When using mascara, it needs to be very close to the eyeball. If it is used after metamorphism, it will be very harmful to the health of the eye. Therefore, the mascara you use can only be used for six months, and in each of these six months, the mascara should be covered every time to avoid the premature deterioration of mascara.

2. Cosmetics should be stored away from damp places

The storage of cosmetics should not be in a dark and humid place. The environment with high humidity is easy to make cosmetics return to moisture, which may cause mildew, water and other phenomena. For the convenience of cosmetics, some beauties directly put cosmetics in the bathroom, which is wrong. For a long time, this kind of cosmetics is very dangerous. So, sisters do not put cosmetics or skin care products directly in the bathroom, it is better to put them on the dresser, which is more dry and safe.

3. Wash face brush and powder puff regularly

When we put on make-up, we can't do without all kinds of auxiliary make-up appliances, among which puff, face brush, etc. are quite common, and the maintenance of auxiliary make-up appliances can't be ignored. Face brush and powder puff must be cleaned regularly. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they will be covered with too much bacterial dust. If they continue to be used on the skin, the skin will be seriously damaged and more and more sensitive. It is suggested that the beauties should clean the face, brush the face, powder, puff and other utensils on a regular basis, wash them with mild detergent or soap every week, and dry them in the sun.

4, lipstick lipstick should be cleaned.

Do we need to clean lipsticks, lipsticks and so on? Yes, lipstick, lipstick and other cosmetics should be cleaned regularly, because after we finish lipstick and lipstick, most of the remaining mucus will remain on the lid, which will be stained with bacteria and dust. It is suggested that the eyebrows should be cleaned with paper towels after each mouth is used to avoid bacteria. And lip make-up products can only be used for half a year to a year. If they are used for too long, they will deteriorate. It is easy to precipitate melanin in the lip and even damage the skin.

5. Sun protection products should not be exposed to the sun

Don't think that sunscreen products can resist ultraviolet radiation and be put in the place favored by the sun. You should know that sunscreen products can't be exposed to the sun. They are often exposed to the sun and are prone to oxidation. Their texture will also become very greasy. When applied, not only the sunscreen effect will be greatly reduced, but also the oil will be increased, which will aggravate the oil production of the skin. Gradually, acne will grow Pimples and pimples. Therefore, no matter what season, you should pay attention to any sunscreen products, including sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen spray.

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