How To Use Dry Konjac Sponge

- Sep 16, 2019-

How to use dry konjac sponge 

Konjac wash cotton dry product

(pure natural material, bringing pure care of nature)

For face cleaning, can be used together with toner, or can be used alone.

Konjak, also known as konjak, is recorded in bencao gangmu (compendium of materia medica). It is a perennial herb. It has a variety of effects, such as dispersing poison, nourishing the skin, toning the veins and reducing weight.

The production of natural konjac, does not contain irritating chemical ingredients, unique pharmacological effect, long-term use has the effect of removing blackheads, acne, oily skin has a certain improvement.

It can be used alone or with cleanser. The special liquid storage hole at the top of the product can be used to pour cosmetics directly, which can prevent the loss and make it more convenient to use.