How To Use Electric Eyebrow Tweezers

- Aug 19, 2019-

How to use Electric eyebrow tweezers

1. Apply mascara as a base (as opposed to a traditional eyelash clip) to protect the eyelashes and also to make the eyelashes curl and last longer.

2. After the mascara dries, heat the electric eyelashes (heating time and temperature of different electric eyelash curlers are different, it is ok to feel moderate under your own hands), and press the eyelash root, eye head, eye tail and tip with the sunken side one by one. Press the upper eyelid to ensure that each part is electrically warped. (the duration varies depending on the electric eyelash curler and individual eyelash hardness. The higher the temperature, the shorter it will be.

3. If you feel that the mascara has been dissolved by the electric curler temperature, apply a second layer of mascara.

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