How To Use Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

- Jul 16, 2019-

How to use Electric facial cleansing brush

Method of use: first step

After we remove the makeup, use warm water to pat the face to make the face wet, and apply facial cleansing products, at the same time take out the cleanser, use warm water to sterilize the brush head, and wet the cleanser.

Method of use: the second step

Start the facial cleanser, adjust the appropriate vibration feeling, first from the chin, along the lower jaw to the upper jaw slowly slide to the ear me, gently use the facial cleanser to do the pull and pull action, this action also helps the facial way and has the effect of thin face, clean the cheek to follow the area.

Method of use: the third step

Use facial cleanser, with brow upper for neutral point, carry on two sides to slide gently, clean whole forehead. This action can effectively remove dirt from your forehead and prevent acne on your forehead.

Method of use: the fourth step

After cleaning your forehead, gently slide your face cleanser down to clean both sides of your nose, from the middle of your eyebrows to the tip of your nose twice, one for each seat, right, and tip

Method of use: the fifth step

When cleaning eyes, should adjust to the minimum amount to maintain the lightest hand, from inside to outside gently slide, can.

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