How To Use Eyelish Clip

- Apr 08, 2019-

1)Brush your eyelashes. Before clipping eyelash above all, want eyelash to arrange next, can choose the brush of eyelash or a tool that spiral combs eyelash, also want to be arranged with the hand again next, let them be on a radian as far as possible.

2)Adjust the radian and the position of the hands. Extend eyelash from the chamfer of eyelash clip in the past, let your eyelash be in namely fluctuation of two forcibly between the mouth, the one side that has leather son is in below, next eyelash clip the one side above is close to eyelash root to adjust as far as possible good radian, let eyelash and eyelash clip fit as far as possible.

3)Force evenly, clamp three positions. Must first clip is, of course, we have the eyelashes, at the time of eyelash root hold in the roll become warped, strength on the basis of micro pain. Don't be too, not too light, the first clip eyelash is certainly a little pain, his master is good, then let eyelash clip slightly away from the points of the eyelashes, next is our eyelash waist position, may be difficult to determine, himself, almost can, then is our lashes slightly.

 4)The inner and outer canthus should be refilled once. After we clip the waist of eyelash root ministry and eyelash a bit later, the radian of eyelash is very natural, right now can close eyelash clip respectively the inside canthus of the eye and outside canthus, the place that gets force basically is the one side that eyelash clip is close to canthus, can make sure the omnibearing Angle of view of eyelash looks so is rolled become warped.

5)When eyelash is in clip, can a little more clip becomes warped a few more, because when you brushed eyelash after eyelash is affected by gravity, eyelash can rebound, became the curl below natural radian namely become warped. To the classmate with harder eyelash, can look for a few more sparse eyelash to cream to brush eyelash gently again after above step, repeat the 4th step again next, because the reason of eyelash creams, eyelash is very roll become warped.