How To Use Nail File

- Aug 20, 2019-

How to use nail file

Grit represents the amount of particles contained in each square inch of area. That is, its density. The more particles there are, the higher the density is. The lower the density, the smaller the type of nail file, the rougher it is, and the stronger the abrasive file property.

Polish the edge of the nail horizontally from both sides to the middle, not so that the file is perpendicular to the nail tip, but slightly inclined to the ventral side of the finger under the nail to remove the rough edges.

Use steel file or flower file to grind the long and short nails in the order of the back and front ends of both sides, and grind them into the shape needed.

Electric nail file, different thickness of scrub surface can be replaced.

The most commonly used nail shapes in life are square, square, oval and pointed. You can create perfect nail shapes according to your hands and preferences.

Square armour: generally speaking, square fingernail individuation and lead tide, not easy fracture, those who get professional woman and white-collar estate more like.

Fangyuan nail: the front and side of fangyuan nail are straight, and the edges and corners are rounded and curved. This kind of solid shape will give people a soft feeling. For customers with obvious bone joints and long and thin fingers, fangyuan nail can make up for the deficiency.

Elliptic nail: the elliptic nail, which begins at the free margin and forms an elliptic outline from the front of the nail, is a traditional Oriental nail.

Pointed nails: pointed nails tend to break easily due to their small contact area, while Asian people have thinner nails which are not suitable for a pointed shape.

1. Grind the nails that have been cut long and short with steel file or flower file according to the order of the back and front ends of both sides, and then grind them into the shape we need.

2. It is not allowed to file the real nails back and forth in the same place, because this file will cause fever and cause damage or even peeling of the nails. The proper back and forth file of the false nail is not a big problem.

3. Rub the nail file gently on the skin. When the abrasion is felt to be rougher than the skin, the abrasion of the nail file exceeds the endurance of the natural nail, which will cause the nail to break or fall off.

4. When applying the file to polish the shape of nails, it is important to pay attention to the fine polish on both sides of nails, and the shape of the front end must be round.