How To Use Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

- Jul 22, 2019-

How to use Sonic facial cleansing brush

1. Solve dirty makeup

Traditional way of washing a face is difficult to remove stubborn residual makeup, many women by makeup removal trouble, resulting in accelerated aging of the skin, dark. Luna USES the intensive contact brush head in scientific order to deeply clean the skin with the pulse of skin penetrating sound wave, sweeping the makeup, oil, dirt and dirt, and giving you a 100% clean and naked skin without makeup.

2. Fight aging

When a woman is 25 years old, the collagen in her body enters the peak period of loss. Therefore, at the age of 25, we need to start anti-aging course. Luna's standard soothing mode delivers pulsations through concentric corrugated curved surface, promoting the production of collagen and elastin, making skin smooth and effectively fade wrinkles, and keeping it young.

3. Improve acne muscles

If you like to eat greasy food or stay up late, too much oil accumulation can lead to blocked pores, causing acne and acne. Fuyuan mini has a lot of smooth silicone contacts, arranged in a specific scientific order, to help you deeply clean the oil-prone area, effectively avoid acne.

4. Improve dark skin tone

Oriental woman has the desire of skin bai bai, trying to get rid of dark sink black yellow, namely we often say "complexion is poor". Mini silicone cleanser works on your skin by pulsating 8000 times per minute, deeply cleaning and relieving fatigue effectively. It can glow stars in just 60 seconds.

5. Prevent facial swelling

Facial dropout phenomenon often happens on the person body with poor haemal circulatory metabolization ability, moisture retention is inside capillaries, produced bloated dropout phenomenon. Promote blood circulation under the skin surface through the t-sonic pulse, effectively relieve facial swelling and tighten your contour naturally.

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sonic facial cleansing brush03.png