How To Use The Water Drop Cosmetic Puff

- Jul 18, 2019-

puff is a kind of makeup tool that we usually use most often, the type of  puff is very many, the use of powder puff makeup can be very good to wipe color makeup, different powder puff use methods are also different, then water drop gourd powder puff how to use? How do I use water drop powder puff?

Water Drop Cosmetic Puff

The water-drop gourd powder can be used before use, and the effect of making up the water is better and more convenient.

  1. Before using the liquid foundation, wet the makeup water with water to achieve the best effect.

   2.In normal times, it can be used to make the foundation of the foundation, apply the foundation liquid      and the isolation cream, and then press it with it. The makeup will be very durable.

  3. The position of the pointed end can be perfectly filled by the position of the most difficult to reach the     slot of the nose wing.