How To Wash The Brush For The First Time? Do You Want To Wash The Brush For The First Time?

- Mar 09, 2019-

For novice cosmeticians, it is a white paper for purchasing cosmetic brushes and a white paper for cleaning cosmetic brushes. The newly purchased cosmetic brushes actually need to be washed again, not only to clean the bacteria on the brushes, but also to comfort the mind even if no bacteria are used for the first time. Just bought cosmetic brushes may be attached to bacteria, microorganisms and so on. Clean brushes can make up a neat look after cleaning. If the brush becomes too astringent due to the use of detergent, a small amount of conditioner can be used to straighten out the hair tail slightly, and also clean it with a large amount of clean water.

The first thing we need to know is that cosmetic brushes are also divided into two materials, one is animal fur and the other is artificial fibers. These two different materials also have different cleaning methods, if the cleaning is not correct, it will lead to a reduction in the life of cosmetic brushes oh.

First of all, let's look at animal hair brush: animal hair brush is usually used with powder products, for example, we usually use powder powder brush eye shadow brush blush brush. It is not recommended to wash the wool regularly. Usually it feels dirty and can be washed with transparent powder to take away the rest of the color. If it is washed with professional detergent once a week or half a month, it can be done.

Artificial Fiber Soft Brush: Artificial Fiber Hair Brush is relatively easier to clean. It is recommended that the brush be cleaned and dried with water and detergent every time it is used up. Commonly used cosmetic brushes are: foundation brush and lip brush.

Now let's talk about the right way to clean the brush.

Warm Water + Washing Fluid Cleaning

1. Before cleaning, we use warm water to fully soak the makeup brush, and pay attention to the connection between the brush and the pipe.

2. Pour out the detergent and rub it in the palm to foam. Let the brush fully absorb and rub in circles until the remaining powder is cleaned out. (You can also find a container to put the paint in for cleaning, and pay attention to not putting too much water in it.)

3. Squeeze the dirty water from the brush with your fingertips outward until there is no trace of cosmetic residue and then rinse with water.

4. Wipe the brush with a clean tissue paper to see if there is any residual powder stain. If so, repeat the steps mentioned above.

5. After extruding the moisture, use clean tissue paper to absorb the moisture and lay it flat on the paper to dry.

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