Introduce The Classification Of Cosmetics For You

- Aug 16, 2020-

With the passage of time, the changing of the toiletries, the functions of many brushes have been annotated. Taking the foundation as an example, the traditional foundation brush is flat shape, and the powder is more considerate to touch the skin. It uses the lateralization way, that is, brush the side contact with the face. It can also be updated. Now the foundation is being used. Toiletries are mainly adopted, and the popular ones are the flat head brushes represented by the elegant fragrant flat head brush, which can be used for powdery foundation and paste foundation. The technique is no longer using the side of brushes, but the technique of pushing flat heads with brush heads. Natural symmetry, now popular is this model. Of course, awesome beauty has also been innovating, and the new flat head bevelled brush will also be more productive in production.

Toiletries are professional in terms of division of labor. So there are eyebrow brushes on eyebrow. Maybe eye shadow, eye liner, eye fold brush, and lip brush and mistress brush are used. But with so many tools, can make-up products completely replace the traditional ones? Are plain pink and cotton pads discarded? The answer is No. Take the important step of make-up "foundation" as an example, powder puff is still a good tool for smoothing the foundation. After finishing the nectar powder, the makeup products will be replaced with big honey to paint the excess paint on the face. The whole makeup will be more natural. Therefore, the brush and other tools used before us should be complementary helpers, instead of replacing old habits with new ones.