Is It Necessary To Buy Expensive Cosmetic Brushes?

- Apr 05, 2019-

Is it necessary to buy expensive cosmetic brushes? If it is a professional cosmetician, it is better to buy expensive brushes, which have valuable benefits. Generally, high-end animal hair is very expensive. Artificial fibre hair is much cheaper, for novice makeup is expensive or inexpensive in their own mind, if the novice purchases cosmetic brushes, it is recommended to buy cheap or medium cosmetic brushes, after skilled use can buy expensive cosmetic brushes.

Making-up brush advantage of animal hair:


The advantages are: the most common materials, good halo dyeing, good powder grasping and good eye shadow.

The disadvantage is: there will be some sheep meal, and the lower-grade wool brush has no hair peak, the wool quality is rough, and the touch is more prickly.

Animal brush

Advantages: tongue type brush head can quickly and smoothly spread the foundation, so that the foundation is more suitable for skin, smooth and delicate, no trace, and the makeup feeling is light and transparent, which can play a good role in foundation.

Self characteristics: the cat's tongue bristles can be applied to a large area; the powerful Maojian design conveys precise strength, and it can be applied to the parts of the alar, eyes, corners of the mouth more easily and conveniently, compared with the powder puff or fingers, it can more effectively save the foundation products.

Advantages of artificial fibre brushes:

The cosmetic brushes made of synthetic fibers have both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are: good sensitivity to sensitive muscles, no smell of animal hair, and no fear of water and grease. It also washes and does not deform. So most of the foundation brush, eyeliner brush and lip brush are man-made fiber wool.

The disadvantage is: halo dyeing power is generally, eye shadow is not easy to halo, and brush is relatively hard, will have a face.

Is it necessary to buy expensive cosmetic brushes? So far as the content is concerned, in fact, the price of cosmetic brushes lies in the brand's fame. Many foreign cosmetic brushes are very expensive, but the quality is similar to the domestic equivalent price. Buying cosmetic brushes can be chosen according to their own economic conditions, not the more expensive the brushes are, the better.

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