Is The Highlighter Brush The Same As A Blush Brush

- Feb 24, 2020-

Makeup brush is a makeup tool that we usually use for makeup. Many makeup brushes can be shared. Highlight and blush are two important makeup steps. Highlight brush and blush brush can be used instead if they are almost the same size. of.

Is the highlight brush the same as the blush brush

1.Blush brush

The common type is an oval brush head. The brush is smaller and flat, and of course it has different shapes. The corresponding blush makeup effect is also different. The method of use is to dip a small amount of blush onto the cheekbones obliquely and apply it on the apple muscle, which can not only improve the color of the entire makeup surface, but also modify the face shape.

Highlight brush

The highlight is usually hit on the forehead, under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the brow bone, etc., wherever you want to highlight, make it full and shiny. Because of the widely used parts, the shape of the highlighter brush is various, but the flame shape (water drop) and fan shape are commonly used.

(1) Flame shape (water drop): This type of highlighter brush is more suitable for novices, because its bristles are relatively soft, and the amount of absorption is not much. A light swipe will brighten the skin tone.

(2) Fan-shaped: The shape is wide and flat, suitable for highlighting in the narrow areas of the face such as the cheekbones and T area. The main point in selecting a fan brush is that the bristles must be thin, otherwise the highlights are easy to brush across the border.

Can a blush brush be a highlighter brush?

No, because the components required for these three parts, the size of the area, and the method of transformation are all different. And the three colors are so different that they need to be washed with a brush. The blush brush is flat, with a semi-circular brush at the top of the bristles, which is smaller than the loose powder brush. The highlight brush is a bit like a brush, and is suitable for brightening local small areas, such as the brow bone and the bridge of the nose.

Can the blush brush be a loose powder brush?

The blush brush can be used as a loose powder brush. The blush brush can replace the loose powder brush. Both bristles are made of animal hair, and the shapes are mostly round, which can completely replace each other. Of course, there are many multi-purpose brushes on the market, which can be used to apply blush, loose powder, and even make-up.

Blush Brush on Loose Powder Tutorial

1. Get ready for loose powder, as well as foundations and concealers on the face.

2. Use a blush brush to dip the loose powder, shake it twice in front of your face, and shake off the remaining powder.

3. Pat the makeup on the oily T-zone first, and then swipe across your cheeks. If you have oily skin, apply the same makeup on your cheeks as in the T-zone.

4. Then pick up loose powder again, lift the eyelids, and focus on the eye area.