Is The Silicone Powder Going To Tear Off The Film?

- May 10, 2019-

Is the silicone powder going to tear off the film?

My answer is NO ! 

Recently, many beauty people began to recommend the use of silica gel powder puff, compared with the traditional powder puff, silicone powder puff does not eat powder, makeup effect is also more in line with the skin. However, there is a layer of thin film on the silica gel powder. 

Do you want to tear it off when you use it? The silicone powder is made of fully transparent liquid silica gel as raw material, through the dispensing machine, dripping glue into the mold, heating about 80 degrees, curing for 3 to 5 minutes, will be covered with a thin layer of TPU film on the surface of the product. 

Then through the high cycle sealing machine, sealing edge, such a perfect silicone powder puff out. So in the use of it, the surface of the film can not be torn off, can not break, otherwise the surface of this product will be very sticky, so scrapped the product!


How to Use ? 

The method of how to push the emulsion with silica powder choose to move the emulsion a little bit on the skin by pressing, which is much slower than massaging directly with the palm of your hand to absorb it. But this way can avoid skin care products are mostly absorbed by the palm.QQ图片20190329135757

The foundation solution, which is not easy to push, is chosen here, but remember to moisturize your face before you push it, and do this before you fully absorb the skin care product. After pushing it away quickly in the form of a click, and then carrying out a local uniform skin color, you will find that using this foundation saves half as much as usual.