Kit Manicure Pedicure Professional

- Jun 25, 2019-

Human nails continue to grow, when it grows too long will inevitably bring inconvenience, so there is grinding, gnaw, and life is still going on. But when sex meets the standards of laziness, humans use scissors that have just been invented. According to the principle of scissors, human nail knives were invented, and then similar to all kinds of shearing methods. The more slippery the nails are, the more beautiful they are, and of course they are guaranteed to be beautiful. When the improvement of aesthetic consciousness and jealousy and other psychological production, so there are all kinds of aesthetic fingers, fingernails painted colorful. The emergence of nail knives enriches the development of human aesthetics, of course, the use of nail knives emerge in endlessly, do not list here. In a word, the inconvenience caused by human nails is bound to produce nail knives


Kit Manicure Pedicure Professional-Large-size nail knife(trimming nail, hand nail), small nail cutter(trimming nail), beveled nail knife(trimming nail), pliers(exfoliation, nail repair nail), hair clamp(with eyebrows, nose hair, etc.), trimming(trimming eyebrows, dead skin cutting), digging(cutting), picking needle(varicella needle, lancet needle dark needle, picking needle), dead leather fork(nail trimming dead skin), nail file(nail polishing), closing knife(trimming, trimming), descaliper(nail).