Know The Brush: What Brush Is Needed To Make A Complete Makeup

- Feb 13, 2020-

Many people will be confused by the problem of unrecognized make-up brush. I was no exception before. So the little friend who promised to leave a message wrote a little tutorial about brush this week.

Common make-up brush

Now, let's recognize these brushes while making up:

1. Preparation before Makeup: no brush required

Face washing, water emulsion skin care, sun protection, pre makeup milk

2. hits the foundation: need to use the foundation brush.

Round and flat head Foundation Brush

Flat head Foundation Brush: flat head foundation brush head width is about 2cm, I usually use foundation, it can take care of some details, such as eye corner, mouth corner, nose wing. In addition, it can also be used for paste like highlights and shadows.

Round head Foundation Brush: this foundation brush is the easiest to use, and it is not easy to appear brush marks. You can brush out the thin and sticker foundation, because the makeup is thin and suitable for girls with good skin.

3. Concealer: you need to use the concealer brush.

The brush head of the concealer brush is very small, and the size of the brush head is about 0.3cm.

Concealer Brush

When using, stick the concealer with a brush, pat on the defect that needs to be covered, then use the finger or sponge to flutter the edge, allowing the concealer to blend naturally with the surrounding skin.

4. Make up: powder brush is needed

The powder brush should be the largest one among the common make-up brushes. Its brush head diameter is about 5cm.

Powder brush real shot

Usage: one is to stick the powder and roll the brush. The other is to sweep it directly. Compared with powder puff, the makeup feeling of powder brush will be more transparent and light.

5. Grooming: Bevel grooming brush (contour brush), nose shadow brush and highlight brush are required

Need to use bevel brush (contour brush) for real shooting

The bevel shaving brush is relatively large, about 3-4cm. It is used to decorate the external contour of the face with shaving powder;

Real shot of nose shadow brush and highlight brush

The nose shadow brush is about 1cm in size and can be replaced by a large Eyeshadow brush.

The highlight and shadow brushes can be used in general, because the colors of the highlight and shadow brushes are different. In order to avoid color mixing, two brushes need to be prepared

6. blush: you need a blush brush.

The blush brush and the angle repair brush size are very similar, about 3-4cm, I am more used to blush with the round head brush, and use the oblique angle to repair the face.

Blush Brush

Usage: gently brush with a brush to get a little blush, brush it on the apple muscle (the position of the raised face confidante) and circle it up again. If the blush is not enough, repeat it.

7. Eyebrow: eyebrow brush is needed

The diagonal brush of about 0.6cm is the eyebrow brush, which is very distinguishable

Eyebrow brush

Refer to my previous makeup tutorial for the usage of eyebrow brush:

"Makeup course: eyebrow trimming + thrushing are many steps, hand-held to teach you to draw beautiful meteor eyebrows"

8. eye shadow: you need to use all sizes of eye shadow brush.

The size and type of eye shadow brush are very large. The sizes of brushes vary from 0.3cm to 1.5cm: in general, large areas for painting the entire eye socket and large areas, and small details for painting the base of eyelashes, buddies can choose according to their habits.

Eye shadow brushes of different shapes and sizes

The Eyeshadow brush has flat, round, round eye shadow brush, also called conical eye shadow brush, its halo dyeing effect is better, it can avoid drawing the eye shadow with obvious border feeling, the color of the flat eye shadow brush will be better, and it can also take care of the details when standing up.

9. Eyeliner: if you use eyeliner, you need eyeliner.

Eyeliner brush is the smallest brush. The brush head is about 0.2cm. in diameter.

Eyeliner brush should be used with eye liner.

When using, brush the eyeliner paste with a brush, start from the position of the eye about 2/3, draw back the eye liner of the rear eye, and then connect it to the front corner. What we need to pay attention to is that the liner must be smooth and smooth.

10. Lip: need lip brush

Lip brush is my favorite make-up brush. After all, girls' persistence in lipstick can not be described by words. Moreover, classic red lips are my favorite. Only with lip brush can I draw smooth lip lines.

Lip brushes with different brush heads

The lip brush usually has a brush head cover, or it can be made into a retractable design to prevent pollution.

Everyone has different habits and different shapes of brush heads. I'm more used to using the lip brush with square head.

Other make-up brushes - sector brush:

The brush head is fan-shaped, about 10cm wide, which is used to sweep off the dirt on the face, such as eye shadow residue, eyebrows when repairing eyebrows and so on. This brush can be replaced by other make-up tools, so it is not commonly used.

fan brush

The brushes used for make-up have been introduced. Do you guys know each other?