Let Us Learn To Disposable Nail File

- Aug 26, 2019-

Let us learn to disposable nail file

A nail file is a paper file that is used to trim the tips of the nails. Usually the grains are fine and soft on one side and hard and coarse on the other.

Hold the nail file firmly with the three fingers of thumb, index finger and middle finger. Hold the hand in the shape of palm. The fingers are curved. Do not tip your nails. File the tip of the nail from right to left or left to right in one direction. Trim both sides of your nails from right to center and from left to center with equal force. It is better not to file the two sides of the nail which is easy to break after stress.

Square nail

After filing the corners of the nails, the gentle rounded square shape is the most stable and durable shape, especially for those who like to keep long nails or those who will get attention in work and those who can easily break and crack nails. It is enough to trim the shape once a week on average. A slightly longer rounded square has the effect of elongating the fingers and making the manicure stand out. File your nails at a 45-degree Angle against your nails. File the corners of your nails so that the edges are smooth, smooth, and natural, and that all nails are in a consistent shape.

Square nails

For those who often work with a computer keyboard or other finger tips, keep it short and square. Because of this shape, the front end of the nail is evenly stressed, so you don't have to worry about easily breaking or notching it. If your nails are too long, the corners of your nails can be easily scraped, which is an inconvenience and a cause of injury. Be careful. File your nails at a 90 degree Angle against your nails. File left hand to right and right hand to left in one direction.

Oval nail

The rounded oval is the most natural shape to use for anyone. To maintain this natural and beautiful shape, don't forget to take care of your nails and flat fingers, filing them at least once a week. File your nails at a 30 degree Angle against your nails. File from both sides of the nail to the center, grinding the whole round to form a soft circle, grinding both sides into an oval shape at the same Angle.

Pointed nails

The nail has a sharp Angle and is suitable for long and thin fingers. In order to make the hands look slender, the long and thin part of the finger tip should be slightly longer. However, this is also a weakness that is easily broken, but not suitable for people who often engage in housework or hand work. But if you can always maintain this shape, you can make the movements of your fingers look delicate and graceful. File your nail at a 15 degree Angle against the bottom of your nail. Aim at the tip of the nail. Move the nail sideways, keeping it symmetrical to the left.