Let Us Learn To Eyebrow Tweezers Boots

- Aug 14, 2019-

Let us learn to Eyebrow tweezers boots

The steps of using eyebrow clip are as follows:

1. Cleaning. Use sponge head make up stick dip in alcohol or astringent make up water, smear on the eyebrows and around, as the preparation before trimming, have clean and pacify effect.

2. Use a pencil or powder similar to your hair color to draw the desired eyebrow shape, and then begin to trim eyebrows to improve accuracy.

3, the skin level, with eyebrow clamp the root of the eyebrow, pull toward the direction of eyebrow growth (so as not to pull the skin on the eyebrow bone loose), pull out a hair, pull out immediately brush the eyebrow smooth, check whether there is a mistake, and repeat this process.

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