Make-up And Brush Science

- Apr 26, 2019-

In the beginner's tutorial written earlier, I have given you a detailed introduction to basic makeup, eyebrows, eye shadow, and how the novice should operate, as well as the small techniques and misunderstandings about make-up, all of which have been introduced in detail. You must have practiced it many times in private! Make-up this thing, just know the steps and methods but no use oh, must practice more oh. Make-up will definitely need make-up tools. In addition to making-up eggs, many newcomers do not know how to use a makeup brush when they start to learn to make up. They all use makeup directly on their hands, but they do not know that the makeup they draw with their hands is very rough. Do not use makeup tools made up so delicate, make-up effect can be very poor, a lot of good makeup technology fairy will not even think they wear a lot of makeup, can see how important technology is ah. So let's talk about it today. All makeup is essential-makeup brushes!

Firstly, we classify make-up brushes: according to the texture of the brush: natural animal brush, man-made fiber brush. It's not that animal hair must be better than fiber hair, but it depends on the use of your brush, such as a base brush that is more suitable for fiber hair, and a lot of eye shadow brushes are better for animal hair. There are many kinds of animal hair, such as wool, pony hair, gray mouse hair, yellow wolf tail hair and so on. Use of brush: facial brush: mainly including base brush, bulk paint, blush brush, repair brush, etc. Lip brush: mainly including eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, nose brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush and so on, there are many kinds of eye shadow brush, because painting eye shadow should be divided into many levels, so it will also be divided into color brush, detail dye brush, dye brush and so on.

Brush design: brush design is also divided into many types, common types are flat head type, round head type, bevel type, tongue type, fire seedling type, flat head, etc., the choice of brush type suggests that you choose the common type oh, such as scattered paint and blush brush to choose a round head, Large area, a lot of powder and easy to dye, and remember to remember before brush blush must remember to shake powder, in case the hands are too heavy, of course, make-up brush this kind of thing is mainly comfortable with their own use, do not have to do this kind of cosmetic brush can only do, How you want to use it, but the brush type is still one of them, the base brush will choose flat head or tongue type, but the tongue type requires very high make-up techniques, and it is easy to leave brush marks. And also because make-up speed is not fast enough, powder base fluid will become dry on the face, so the flat head is more convenient and simple, in the use of flat head brush makeup, it and skin contact area is large, soon can be put on the base makeup, And the hair brush with flat head brush is tight and dense, the base makeup is fine, it is not easy to produce brush marks. But if there are fairies who want to challenge themselves, want to use plain head brush makeup, you can go to see pony Park Huimin video oh, her technique is really textbook-level, can be called art!