Makeup Brush Holder

- Jun 27, 2019-

How do I clean a makeup brush?How to maintain Makeup Brush Holder?

One, just bought the brush must be cleaned!

Because most brushes are made by hand, there is a small amount of hair that is not solid, or the hairs attached during trimming are not removed, which is what we call floating hair.In addition to the overall beauty of the brush, a lot of brush needs dyeing.So MM people buy back after the Makeup Brush Holder to clean.

Note: the whole movement must be gentle and clean along the direction of the hair.General floating wool, floating color and then wash two or three times will not appear

If the hair and color are serious, it is a quality problem. 

Ii. How to clean:

Separate water wash, powder two cleaning methods.There are different ways to clean brushes with different wool.

Brush hair is mainly divided into two types:

Animal hair: with dry powder texture cosmetics used.Such as powder paint, blush paint, eye shadow paint can not often take water, will destroy the quality of hair.The MM people in the life is oneself use, it is ok that every month USES water + to wash brush fluid to clean.Usually if temporarily want to change color with available powder washing method, with the same dry powder powder powder will be our brush in the powder.

Artificial fiber: used with liquid and cream cosmetics.If powdery bottom is brushed, eyeliner creams brush wait to wash casually.Wash with water + brush fluid to cooperate, brush what cooperate like powdery bottom is powdery bottom fluid, easy degenerate, had better be to clean everyday.

Iii. Cleaning method:

(1) clean with warm water and scrub solution:

1. Wet the bristles (make sure that the mouth tube of the brush and the joint of the bristles are not wet with the hands) and make the bristles face down.

2. Pour the rinse water on the palm of your hand.Gently push your fingertips outward in the direction of the bristles.

3. Gently push your fingertips in the direction of the bristles until all traces of makeup have been removed, and then rinse with water

4. After washing, place a towel or paper towel on the table to soak up the moisture, tidy up the bristles, and let dry in the shade.

5. After drying, gently rub the bristles with your hands and flick them with your fingers to restore their fluffy state.The brush that is not in use for a while may be put upside down in the bottle (or bagging).

Note :1. Air dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or put it in the sun to dry, or it may damage the material.After washing, can also be reapplied with hair care milk soak, will make the bristles more soft.

2, may not be washed to the brush handle joint, the joint contact wooden handle, and difficult to dry, easy to loosen, brush bag mouth sticky and part should not be wet water!

3, be sure to follow the hair growth direction of the wash.Otherwise it will damage the hair.

2. Cleaning method with powder:

After each use of the Makeup Brush Holder, spread the paper towel on the table, scatter the powder or talcum powder on the paper towel, and then brush the makeup brush along the direction of the hair, remove residual powder.Be gentle and gentle until the brush is no longer colored on a clean paper towel.