Makeup Brush Set Online

- Aug 20, 2019-

Each brush type is responsible for one or more parts of the makeup, so protect each brush.

01. The Makeup Brush Set Online is very germy. Clean it regularly and don't share a set of brushes with others before cleaning.

2. It is normal to have slight hair loss in the brush hand, please treat it with normal heart.

3. After washing, please cover the anti-blast wool mesh to dry, and remember to remove it at 9 minutes, otherwise the bristles will become too dense.

4. When making up, pay attention not to bring sunscreen or bottom makeup products to the brush pole, which may cause the brush pole to change color.

05. When washing, do not soak the whole brush in water. Only let the bristles touch the water, or the joint of head and rod will become easy to degum.

The bristle of Makeup Brush Set Online is soft and rich, hold in the hand quite simple sense, brush on the face matchless soft and comfortable.Even the brush handle is of high quality oak, and the texture is very good.The makeup look that brush comes out breathable and fit, dizzy catch the effect is really exceeding great, common pink bottom fluid also can brush the effect of rich lady pink bottom.

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