Makeup Brushes Cleaning And Maintenance Guide, Everyone Quickly Get Up!

- Feb 24, 2020-

MMs who love makeup will use makeup brushes every day, and a lot of foundation will be attached to the makeup brushes after use. If they are not cleaned, they will breed many bacteria and cause damage to the skin. Makeup brushes are divided into many types according to different functions, such as eye shadow brushes, lip brushes, foundation brushes, but how should various makeup brushes be cleaned? Let ’s take a look at these three categories of makeup brush cleaning strategies, so that you can better maintain your makeup brushes.

Cleaning strategy for eye shadow brush

1. Soak the eyeshadow brush with water to make the brush fully wet. Then squeeze out a special amount of makeup brush cleaner onto the eyeshadow brush.

2. Use your fingers to gently press the cleaning brush, squeeze out any makeup and dirt left on the eyeshadow brush, and then rinse with water. Repeat the steps of pressing and washing until the eye shadow brush is cleaned.

3. After thoroughly cleaning the makeup residue and dirt on the eyeshadow brush, you can use a clean towel to slightly dry the moisture on the eyeshadow brush, and then put the dried eyeshadow brush on the special makeup brush drying rack , After the natural air-dried.

Cleaning tips for lip brushes

1. Squeeze the special cleaning agent to make it foam, and then put the lip brush into the cleaning agent. Be careful not to drip the cleaner directly onto the lip brush!

2. Put the lip brush upright with the palm of your hand and wipe it back and forth until the bristles in the lip brush fully contact the cleaner. At this point we can see that the makeup on the lip brush has been fully squeezed out.

3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, then absorb excess water with a clean towel, put it on a drying rack and allow it to air dry.

Cleaning tips for foundation brushes

1. Pour the detergent into the scrub cup, then soak the brush head of the foundation brush until the residual foundation on the brush head is fully dissolved, and then drain.

2. Dilute an appropriate amount of shampoo and water in the scrub cup and stir well, then soak the brush head of the foundation brush.

3. Press the brush head gently and repeatedly to squeeze out the residual foundation and dirt.

4. Rinse with clean water, then absorb excess water with a clean towel, place it on the brush holder, and allow the bristles to return to a fluffy and natural state after they are air-dried.

Tips for the maintenance of makeup brushes: 1. You can use the conditioner again after cleaning to make the bristles and soft and smooth; 2. Do not leave the makeup brush in the sun to dry, nor use a hair dryer to blow the makeup brush Dry, let it air dry in a cool place, otherwise the makeup brush will become rough.