Makeup Sponge Or Makeup Brush?

- May 10, 2019-

Makeup Sponge or Makeup Brush?

Many of us will go to the Internet to watch a variety of beauty videos, learn a variety of makeup skills and the latest fashion trend of makeup, now the Internet is also very developed. Whether it is a professional makeup artist or some ordinary students have the opportunity to become makeup bloggers, so we can see a lot of videos on the Internet, if you watch more, you can find a very interesting thing from it.


That is, usually some professional makeup artists are used to using foundation brushes to put on makeup, whether they put makeup on themselves or others, they will use a seemingly advanced brush to brush off the foundation. And the ordinary makeup blogger is usually using wet sponge eggs to push away the foundation, but also will tell you so makeup more post, so what is the truth in the end?

  1. Makeup brush 

    For professional makeup artists, their own techniques and makeup skills are usually better than ordinary people, so makeup brushes are a very convenient and fast makeup tool for them, which can brush off the foundation in the shortest possible time. And the small brush head can take good care of the nose, lip and other details of the position, save makeup time.


And they may have to help a lot of people with makeup a day, brushes will be easier to clean, more hygienic and clean to use, and will not breed bacteria. And for us ordinary people, if the technology is not in place, it is easy to leave brush marks on the powder base of the brush, and not easy to apply evenly, may appear mottled phenomenon on the face, so the general people will not choose to use the brush makeup .

2.Makeup Sponge

We may see the most make-up method is to use sponge eggs to make up the makeup. Basically, the cosmetics will recommend that you choose an angular sponge block, wet and then squeeze out the excess water, and then spread the powder bottom on the face, so that the makeup effect is lighter, which is also suitable for most people's makeup. 


Sponge block is easy to``eat'' powder bottom, a little bit waste powder bottom suspect, but its makeup effect is really excellent, and even the new one can apply the powder base evenly, so most beauty pop-up owners will recommend sponge makeup. In addition to sponge, using clean air cushion powder on makeup is also very good to apply, everyone can try.