Makeup Tool Cleaning Tutorial Don't Be Lazy

- Nov 30, 2019-

Many times we ignore the cleaning (lazy) of makeup tools, but in fact it is important to clean the makeup tools regularly! !! If you don't clean the puff and brush, every time you put on makeup, it will be a close contact between bacteria and skin. Over time, bacteria will grow on your face, causing acne and sensitivity ...

Well, I know that you may now be holding your beauty tools and ready to clean when you see here, nitrogen! Will you really clean them properly? Improper cleaning methods will only shorten their lifespan, such as brush marks, sponge eggs, pit marks, etc.

So today! Let's give you a tutorial on cleaning and makeup tools! There will also be some points to pay attention to when cleaning, come up with the key points of the small book ~

This tutorial, I divided into several sections, sisters can climb a dirt stairs first ~

一 、 Cleaning of makeup brush

1. Dry cleaning

2. Washing

①fiber hair

② Animal hair

Second, cleaning eggs, puff

Three, eyelash curler cleaning

Spicy, let's start ~

Before washing, the assistant will give you a few points about the characteristics and differences of animal hair makeup brushes and fiber hair makeup brushes in the cleaning process ~

①Fiber hair brush features: anti-creation, can be washed frequently, recommended twice a month

②Features of animal hair brushes: non-resistant, not recommended to wash with water frequently, easy to fry, dry cleaning is generally recommended (the ability to grasp powder and bloom is better than fiber hair)

一 、 Cleaning of makeup brush

Good, now for the specific makeup brush cleaning, here are divided into two methods of dry cleaning and water washing, which are suitable for different scenarios, the sisters will be allocated according to demand ~

1. Dry cleaning

First of all, dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is generally more suitable for an eye shadow brush. But dry cleaning is definitely the most convenient way to solve your urgent needs. Animal hair and fiber hair brushes are the same.

All you need is a simple box of loose powder ~

 My eyeshadow brush was really dirty before I cleaned it. I can spit out the color on the paper, let alone change the color ...

Take out loose powder and pour out a little on the lid. Of course, you can also pour it on your hand, paper or other places that you find convenient. The amount of pour depends on the degree of digging.

Then use a dirty eyeshadow brush on the top to let the loose powder spread on the brush in an all-round and even way. Remember to choose a transparent or complexion loose powder when choosing loose powder ~

The brush will then be temporarily cleaned, and the color will not be scattered on the paper. It is easy to change colors without changing colors, saving time and effort ~

2. Washing

Of course, dry cleaning is only an emergency method. We still need to do a good job in washing water. The things needed for washing are: scrub board, brush cover, drying board and cleaning agent. Come in and out, listen to me one by one ~ let's talk about the anti-made fiber hair.

① Fiber hair

First we need to put the brush under the faucet to wet it in the direction of the water flow;

Then squeeze an appropriate amount of detergent on the palm of your hand;

Then wet the wet brush in a circular pattern on the palm of your hand to get rich milk-tea foam. It ’s okay to rough the action, after all, the fiber hair is resistant to making ...

Finally rinse the cleaning agent left in the brush;

Then wrap it in a clean paper towel and press gently to absorb excess water for quicker drying;

Then put on a brush net to fix the shape of the brush, otherwise the bristles will be easy to explode after drying. Generally, such brush nets will be delivered when buying brushes. If you do n’t have one, you can prepare some ~

For relatively small brushes, small assistants generally use scrubbing boards to clean them, because the lines on the scrubbing boards will be much smaller than the lines on our palms, and they can be cleaned to the bristles of small brushes very carefully.

倒 Pour an appropriate amount of detergent on the scrub board;

Next, brush the wet brush in advance on the texture of the brush board until it gets color;

Then rinse the cleaning agent inside;

Finally put it on and obey it ~

② Animal hair

Animal hair cleaning method, the first step is the same as fiber hair, first put the brush under the faucet and wet the water;

Then also squeeze the same amount of cleaning agent;

Then turn on the gentle mode, and gently turn the wet brush in the palm of your hand in a rolling manner. Do not knead vigorously, because the texture of animal hair is soft, and it is easy for the hair to explode.

The same is true when rinsing. Gently turn it over. Rinse the remaining cleaning agent carefully. Be sure to rinse it out. Otherwise, the hair will become harder after drying it out.

Then also use a clean paper towel to absorb excess water ~

Then put on the prepared brush net, no matter what brush, after washing and setting the net, it's right!

Finally, just dry them in a ventilated place ~

Points to note

Here are a few more points that the assistant needs to pay attention to ~

① During flushing, do not flush against the current;

② Do not flush the water to the position where the nozzle is in contact with the brush;

③ If the brush is very dirty and needs to be soaked in water, the height of the water must not exceed the nozzle.

① During the drying process, the brush should not be dried upside down, otherwise the water in the brush will flow back to the nozzle, which will easily cause the place where the nozzle and the bristles meet to fall off

② Brushes should be placed in a well-ventilated place for natural air-drying, and should not be exposed to the sun or dried with a hairdryer;

Second, cleaning eggs, puff

Now for the cleansing of beauty eggs and puffs, most of the two that they usually come into contact with are some wet powders, such as foundation powders, concealers, and other wet powder products, so they will get dirty quickly and easier. Breeding bacteria, so the assistant recommends washing once a week ~

的 The tools needed are cleaning agent and a transparent plastic bag. (Not leaking)

First put water that can not be used for sponge eggs in a clean sealed plastic bag, and then pour in detergent, the ratio is about 2: 1

After soaking for 10-15 minutes, then start to squeeze the beauty eggs and puff through the plastic bag, but don't force it too much, otherwise ... the plastic bag will break (don't ask me how to know) the water in the bag will change Cheng Yakult color, beauty egg and puff are not stained, so take it out ~

After taking it out, rinse it with clean water ~

Then use a clean paper towel to soak up the moisture and gently press it to absorb it. Do not twist it hard.

The rows are neatly arranged and placed in a ventilated and dry place to dry.

Points to note

① During the cleaning process, do not twist, pull, or sculpt the egg body;

② Dry in a ventilated and dry place. Do not expose to the sun.

Ⅲ. Cleaning of eyelash curler

In fact, the little assistant did not know that the eyelash curler needs to be cleaned until later I found that I had never cleaned the mascara residue on it, and the eyelash curler became more and more difficult to use. Then I cleaned it and it was finally solved. ..

The tools you need to prepare are cleansing water and clean cotton pads. The effect of removing makeup water with eyes and lips will be better.

First pour makeup remover on the cotton pad, soak the cotton pad.

Put the cotton pad on the rubber pad of the eyelash curler in the normal curling eyelashes position, and clamp the eyelash curler a few times and it will become clean and fresh.

 There are still a few points to pay attention to when using eyelash curlers here. Sisters come to Kangkang ~

Points to note

① Every time before putting on the mascara, bend the lashes first, so as not to stain the mascara;

② Wipe the eyelash curler with a paper towel after each use;

③ Do not apply too much force when clamping the eyelashes, otherwise it will affect the service life of the rubber pad and the eyelashes will break easily.

④ If the rubber pad on the eyelash curler ages, cracks or breaks, it must be replaced with a new one, otherwise it will hurt the eyelashes.

Hey ~ this is the brush washing tutorial for you today ~ sisters move ~ can't be lazy on the road to becoming beautiful!