Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Nail Pliers Suit

- May 10, 2019-

Points for attention in the use of nail pliers suit: 

  1. Before taking care of your nails, you must wash your hands and then push the dead skin with a putter knife. Slowly push out the dead skin from left to right, and finally modify the dead skin with curved scissors.

  2. according to your preferences, use nail pliers to cut out your favorite nail shape, and then use nail contusion. Nail frustration and nail must be 45 degrees angle, and move in the same direction to trim, but also to the inside of the nail circle grinding, to achieve smooth effect.

  3. Nail polish, which can strengthen the strength and toughness of nails, protect nails and promote the healthy growth of nails, can also be used as nail polish.

  4. t is best to apply a layer of care cream or cream every two weeks to massage the nails and the side skin of the nails so that the flexibility of the nails is better and the nails are not broken because they are dry and hard.

  5. 5Massage your fingers with moisturizing cream every night. Don't polish them often. That will change your nails into a book.