Mini Eyelash Curler

- Jun 24, 2019-

The choice of Mini Eyelash Curler also has exquisite, because the radian of Asian and European person eye is different, the brow bone of Asian person, eye and the softness of eyelash hardness are different with euramerican, and this Mini Eyelash Curler is to be designed for Oriental female only, no matter be the radian that from eyeball or eyelash place clip is very suitable.The powerful tenacity of gummy can let eyelash can model easily roll become warped the eyelash of radian, and maintain a whole day.

In the details of eyelashes we also have a lot of different choices, some girls prefer thick hanging, some are very obsessed with curling.

Actually good-looking eyelash should accord with roll become warped spot and dense density moderate, won't grab the detail of eye makeup too too, release the advantage of eye form again at the same time.

Product introduction:

Simple to use, easy to master, create curly eyelashes, fashion lasting effect.

Directions :

  1. Place the Mini Eyelash Curler at the base of the eyelashes and press it for 3-5 seconds, looking down.

   2. Slowly lift the Mini Eyelash Curler upward into three sections, root of eyelash - middle - eyelash tip.